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The Physician's Reimbursement Center
Not only do we educate students in the field of medical coding and billing but we also educate physicians and their staff through our parent company, The Physician's Reimbursement.

PRC is a premier provider of quality medical billing and coding services for physician practices of all specialties. We want to be an extension of your office and assist your current staff with overwhelming tasks.

The Physician's Reimbursement Center
  Consultation Fee:     No Charge

  Practice Analysis:   $30.00/hr
 Staff Training :            $50.00/hr
 Systemized Billing & Practicum:      

 #1  Full Service Billing Bundle (#2 & #3)

           $729.00 per Month
        Plus Customized Practice Forms

#2  Staff Training

$189.00 (Up to 3 Staff Members)
           Formation of a Unified Team           

 #3  Practice Management

$429.00 Monthly per Provider  
           Managing & Systemizing your billing                          

#4   Full Service Recovery

 4-10% of Practice Collections
       Let us do your billing. We will keep you                    financially fit

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