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Howard's Medical Coding & Consulting, LLC
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                                           About Howard's Medical Coding
Howard's Medical Coding and Consulting, LLC is a vocational training institute within the Middle Georgia area. 

The Mission and Vision of this training Facility is to provide general, technical and professional education that is affordable, and to promote entrepreneurs by way of training each student to become an In-Home Remote Medical Coder/Biller earning full-time money, working part-time hours.  

What does a  In-Home Remote Medical Coder and Biller do?
a medical coder uses email and fax at home to receive patient information from the contracting doctors office or hospital, such as medical records or super bills which has the diagnosis and procedures, services or supplies needed for the medical coder to review and code accurately. 
The Medical Biller enters patient demographics, physician charges and other needed information into the  billing software system, submits to the insurance company and follows the claim cycle until the physician receives payments for services rendered.The billerr interacts heavily with the Insurance companies regarding various claim services, such as appeals, denials and explanation of benefits.

How do you become a Remote Medical Coder?  
To become a remote medical coder/biller, you must complete a certificate program from a reputable institution, that offers  detailed oriented hands on coding experience, and challenge the medical coding examination to obtain certification. After obtaining certification then you are eligible to be  awarded medical coding contracts. Depending on contracting companies, some desire medical backgrounds or internship work experience. 

According tot he Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more remote coding jobs than professionals to fill them. Do your homework, seek the many, many remote medical coding/billing positions on the internet.

We are offering what we believe is an amazing opportunity for you to become your own boss, for we will tap in to everything you will need to succeed, and it gets even better' for we will offer you Medical Coding one on one Coaching sessions to give you everything that you will need to succeed. We are not the typical "Online Class' for we are your hands on Road Map constantly steering the way for you.

So, if you are ready to Jump Start your 2021 Medical Coding/Billing career, we believe this is the best opportunity that you are going to see.

Howard's Medical Coding and Consulting, LLC is family-owned and operated business right here in the Middle Georgia area, since our company opened its doors in 2004. 
We've treated every student like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch of passion and  many years of experience.
36 Years Of Service
        Dr. Patricia L. Howard

Benefits of a In-Home Medical Coder/Biller

  • You control how your work is done. 
  • You set your own schedule. 
  • You spend less.  
  • deduct business expense.
  • Valuable family time. 
  • Building your dream, not someone else's.